Are you struggling after the end of a relationship and need help Moving On?

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MovingOn is a fourteen-week online, on-demand, program designed to help you heal, grow, and learn from the painful experience of a break up. The program includes

  • Interactive videos to guide you step by step through your healing
  • Experiential exercises to support healing process
  • Pre and post assessments to measure progress
  • Professional support, assistance, and guidance
  • Online community focused on support and healing

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You can Heal, Learn, and Grow from the painful experience of a breakup

  • Moving on from a relationship involves going through a grief process.
  • It’s a time of profound connection with our most vulnerable feelings.
  • It’s also an opportunity to look inside and grow as we heal.

You can take charge of your life!
You can change your future!

How Moving On has Helped Others

I am so thankful for Moving On!! I was feeling like I had lost control of my emotions. I had panic attacks, I felt depressed, I was irritable and becoming someone I did not want to be. I blamed everyone for all that was happening to me. Moving On helped me look at myself, understand what triggers me and gave me the tools to stop reacting and feeling with so much intensity. Now I understand why I kept making the same mistakes. My kids have told me how different they see me and our relationship has improved. It was great to have Moving On available online so I could listen to exercises or watch videos while waiting on lines or airports.

Moving On has helped me tremendously. I separated from my partner a year ago.  It has been a painful process and very difficult to accept.  I felt very angry, hopeless and depressed.  I was tired of feeling that way and did not know where to start. Moving On guided me through the steps to start feeling better.  It has helped me be able to look forward to the future, have hope and know that good things will come my way. The exercises really helped me feel calmer and at peace which in turn helped me feel more in control over my emotions and reactions. I recommend it to anyone struggling with intense emotions. This program will help you know yourself better and learn the skills you need for that.

I started Moving On 2 years after my divorce and two months after the painful loss of both of my parents.  After my divorce I felt like a failure, depressed, and anxious.  My parent’s passing increased my feelings of anxiety and depression.  I was grieving and I felt hopeless and overwhelmed. I felt alone and did not know how to start my life. Moving On helped me so much…not only to deal with the end of my relationship but also helped me grieve the loss of my parents. I understand why I was feeling that way and how to feel better.  I know I still have things to work on, Moving On helped me recognize that and it also helped me see life differently.  Moving On showed me to slow down and appreciate the moment, so I don’t have to live in my past or in my future… I can now stop and enjoy the now.

It works! I feel differently, I know myself better, and feel more at peace. The exercises really work and have become part of my routine. I have tools to help me cope whenever I have intense emotions. I no longer have that heaviness in my chest. Thank you Moving On!

Moving On has been a life-changing program for me. I learned so much about myself and the reasons why I continued to get stuck in my romantic relationships. How I saw myself and my life changed so much as I gain the tools and the and insights to heal the pain I felt inside. I understood so much of my past, how to heal from it and now I look forward to the future.  I highly recommend this program to anyone coming out of a breakup or dealing with difficulties in their relationship. It was easy to follow and to do on my on my own while at home. …more

Carolina is very professional and kind. Her approach to dealing with emotions and trauma is very compassionate and supportive. I liked having her support and connecting with others while going through the program.



Your form of payment will be charged weekly until you complete the 14-week program. You can cancel at any time; you will not be charged for unused program weeks.

Begin your transformation and get the support you need for a price lower than an hour of weekly counseling!

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