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Welcome to the Moving On blog! I’m so glad you are here. I’m Dr. Carolina Castanos and my goal is to help you start your healing process after a breakup. I add entries to this blog regularly on topics that can range from how you deal with anxiety and depression to how to start your journey towards healing and growth.

I post brief articles, short videos, Facebook live recordings, as well as links to relevant resources. You can explore the posts by date posted (most recent first) or using the Search bar on the right. I’d love to hear your Comments which you can comment using the form and, of course, contact me when you have specific questions. Let’s heal and grow together!!

Strategies of Distraction

There is no perfect relationship.   There are times when we miss each other, when we feel invisible, unimportant, small. These moments bring with them intense emotions and feelings like hurt, embarrassment, shame, fear, insecurity, anger. Sometimes we struggle as we...

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How much do you know about Depression?

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues suffered by individuals. According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people worldwide are affected by depression. There is a broad spectrum in the intensity of depression. It can range...

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How long will it take to heal your broken heart?

Many people ask me how long it will take for them to get over their ex or what a normal time frame to get over a broken heart is. Unfortunately there is not a magic number or time to get over someone. There are similarities in how we feel when a relationship ends but...

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6 Holiday Survival Tips for Heartbroken

One of the most painful experiences in life is the end of a relationship.  Our significant other is that one special person with whom we share our lives, experiences, and moments.  Good and bad moments.  That combination of good and bad is exactly what makes us hurt...

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Stop Fighting! 4 Steps to Change Your Relationship

Have you and your partner ever fought about the most insignificant thing and suddenly found yourselves bringing up all the bad things the other person has done since you were together?  We have all been there!   This happens when we have not been able to really work...

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When love goes wrong: Can you recognize your cycle?

Have you ever felt not important or invisible to your partner?  Have you ever felt that no matter what you do or say it will never be good enough? Most couples have experienced moments of disconnection, moments of feeling invisible or that our efforts to connect are...

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Simply contact me when you have any further questions about the Moving On program. Your details will be kept confidential according to our strict  Privacy Policy. To provide you with prompt and personalized service, I usually reply back within 24 hours.

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