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How does Moving On work?

When you become a member, you will be guided step by step towards your healing process. You start in week 1, where you will have an introduction video guiding you through the website and process. Each week has a video, an interactive exercise that goes along with the video where you apply what you have learned from the video to your own life. Then you will process your experience and make sense of it by responding to specific questions on your e-workbook.

You can print out your questions if you prefer to write your answers down rather than typing them.

Finally, you have homework for the week. The homework usually involves practicing what you have learned. In addition, you have access a series of videos designed to help you regulate your emotions, feel better and be more in control of your emotions and your life. You can access these videos at any time and from anywhere. The only requirement is a set of headphones.

Lastly, you are part of a community. In this community there are always new activities, groups with different interests and it is designed for you to make friendships. Here we will talk about serious and not serious things. It is a place where we can share our feelings and thoughts but also where we will play and have fun.

This program is designed to be an experience of change and a journey in the search of a better and happier you.

How is Moving On different from other self-help books or DVDs?

There are several aspects that set Moving On apart from other self-help methods:

a. In Moving On you interact with others. When you read a book, it is you and the book or you and the DVD… in Moving On I am there with you, throughout all this process. All weeks have, for example, a workbook where you process and make yours the content of the weekly video. I read your workbook and make comments and recommendations to help you process and encourage you. The key and main difference is that you are not doing this alone and at the same time, you can have access to help 24/7 through your calm place and exercises to help manage intense emotions.

b. Moving On has interactive experiential exercises specifically designed for each step.

c. Moving On has a calm place that you can access on demand, wherever and whenever you need it.

d. Moving On is designed in a way that it becomes an experience for you.

Fourteen weeks sounds too long, do I have to commit to all fourteen weeks?

Real and profound healing and change takes time. A first big step towards healing is awareness. In order to be aware, we need to discover and learn about ourselves. We need to be aware of our feelings, of how we tend to relate with ourselves, how we tend to relate with others, what we think about ourselves… all this requires time. We also need to learn to relate with ourselves in a different way.

In a way that is accepting and caring. For this, we need to learn some tools and how to apply them. Moving On is an experience and a journey where you discover, acquire, and provide to yourself in an environment of safety and support. For all this to have the desired effects, you need to work on them as each week we work on something different, one step deeper into your self-discovery.

Can I complete the program in less than 14 weeks?

Moving On is specifically designed to be a 14-week process and program weeks are structured to be sequential. Immediately after you purchase the program you have access to Week 1 and subsequent program weeks will be available one at a time every week.

What do you mean by interactive videos and exercises?

The videos consist of different subjects that relate to looking at yourself in a deeper way. I talk about different cases and what happens to individuals when certain situations occur. I want you to apply that to your life, to you. That is the interactive part. Some videos (not all since it depends on the topic) have sections where I ask you to think about something or notice how you feel while we are talking about something. The same goes with the exercises. I will guide you through them and then I will ask you to notice how it was like for you and what you got from it. After every video and exercise, there is a section where you can share your experience and read other’s experiences. There is much interaction as we all process our own experiences.


Can you guarantee Moving On will help?

Moving On is filled with resources, support, and exercises to help you learn more about yourself and to practice relating with yourself in a different way. By doing this week by week, this new way of connecting with yourself becomes your norm. This new way of relating with yourself will have an impact in your feelings towards yourself, how you treat yourself, and how you relate with others. If you do the exercises and work on Moving On, you will find a change in your life.

Is this only for people who are divorced or separated?

Moving On is for anyone that is having a hard time when a relationship has ended. This is not always a simple or black and white situation. Sometimes we are still in a relationship, but our partner is clearly not.  We struggle, we fight against it, and struggle letting go. Moving On can help in all of these cases: when we feel abandoned, not important, alone, rejected, not seen, not heard, not important, not good enough.

Is Moving On targeted to a specific age range?

There is no specific age moving on is directed to. Moving On is for anyone that is committed in changing his/her life, for anyone that is willing to work to be a better person, to heal from past wounds to learn from them and forgive, letting go finding inner peace.


How much time is required?

Moving On takes as much time as you provide it. The more time, the better. The minimum amount of time that it will require per week is 30 min per day. Most of this time consists on exercises you can do right before you go to sleep, right before getting up in the morning, and/or times when you are feeling intense anxiety or sadness.

Does Moving On include one on one communication with Dr. Castanos?

Dr. Castanos will comment to your posts, to your workbook entries (if you desire), and will respond to specific questions you might have or information you might need through a weekly Q&A session. If your answers have not been met, you can always contact Dr. Castanos for clarification and assistance. You can set up a session with Dr. Castanos at an additional cost.

Is Moving On a substitute for professional psychotherapy?

Moving On is not psychotherapy or a substitute for mental health. You can do it along with therapy or not. Moving On will provide tools to help you look inside of yourself and provide to yourself of what you need. Moving On is a roadmap guiding and supporting during this painful and difficult time in your life.

What happens if I feel overwhelmed with emotion, is there someone I can talk to?

There is always something you can do if you are feeling overwhelmed.

- There is a section of this program that consists of exercises to help you regulate your emotions.  You can go there and choose one or several to help you feel better.

- You can always contact individuals in the community, friends you have made, groups in the community.

- You can contact me directly and I or someone from the staff will be in touch with you. If you would like to set up an appointment, we can set one up and have it online. There is an appointment fee.


Can I have access to all the program’s resources from my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, Moving On can be accessed through mobile phone or tablet as long as you have an internet connection and can access the Moving On website.

Is this program fully online or am I required to attend meetings in person?

This program is designed to be 100% online. All the videos, activities, and meetings are online.

What happens if I have any technical issue?

Most technical issues with the website are resolved by logging out of the Moving On website, clearing your browsing history (i.e., cookies, temporary files & images, etc.), and logging back in. If the problem persists, please contact me with a detailed explanation of your technical issue and we will work on resolving it ASAP. Please include a screenshot of the issue if possible.


What type of payment method do you accept?

You can pay for the program using any major credit card, including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. HSA or FSA cards are accepted as long as they can be processed as credit cards.

How will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged on a weekly basis for 14 weeks, every seven days after your initial purchase of the program. If you purchase the program with a free trial, your credit card will be charged after the trial period expires. You will receive a receipt from Moving On upon payment.

Moving On is not for me; can I cancel the program and stop the weekly payments?

The program is subscription based and you can cancel at any time; you will not be charged for any program weeks that have not been made accessible to you. Please contact me and I will cancel your subscription and no further charges will be made to your credit card. Please contact me at least 48 hours before your next scheduled credit card payment.

You can Heal, Learn, and Grow from the painful experience of a breakup

  • Moving on from a relationship involves going through a grief process.
  • It’s a time of profound connection with our most vulnerable feelings.
  • It’s also an opportunity to look inside and grow as we heal.

You can take charge of your life!
You can change your future!!



Your form of payment will be charged weekly until you complete the 14-week program (you have the option to cancel at any time and you will not be charged for unused program weeks).

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