What strategies are you using to distract yourself?

When we end a relationship many things get stirred up inside of us.  There are several emotions that many times are left unsaid.  Many times these emotions can be confusing and overwhelming and we don’t really know what to do with them.  Awe then go to our strategies to try to feel better and not think about all that is happening inside of us.  There are several strategies of distraction, some of them are hanging out with friends, getting drunk, and hooking up with someone. 

These strategies can be quick fixes and ways of feeling momentarily better, yet they are not really a solution to your problem or how you feel.  Pushing our feelings away and ignoring them does not make them disappear, they are still there.  We are not aware of them, but they are still there and are still affecting us in ways we do not understand. 

The solution to stop hurting is to allow yourself to feel your pain and to go through the grief process that the end of a relationship involves.

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